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Recent toy photos

My Instagram account is mainly toy photography. (I need to get back to trying for more artistic shots.)

Here are the photos I’ve shared there in the past week.

Ponda Baba is ready to start the weekend #StarWars

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Tfw you remember it will be Monday in a few hours #StarWars

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#PopTwinsTuesday: Luna Lovegood edition #HarryPotter #FunkoPop

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Last Mets standing

I thought I was numb.

It’s been an awful year for the New York Mets – yesterday afternoon’s lost dropped their record to 55-71, including a miserable 28-39 at home. (I feel blessed that they actually won one of the handful of games I went to this season.)

There have been so many injuries that the team is actually issuing press releases to help the media keep track of who’s hurt, who might be coming back soon and who’s done for the season.

Thanks to a series of summer trades, the Mets have become the second youngest team in baseball. And many of the veterans who are left — I’m looking at you, Yoenis Cespedes — have underperformed. A lot. (Cespedes, earning the highest salary among the 2017 Mets, has a 1.6 Fangraphs WAR — just 0.2 points higher than what Noah Syndergaard accomplished in 27.1 innings.)

I still put the Mets on as background noise if I’m home, but I haven’t actively paid attention to every minute of the tv broadcasts since early June.

Yesterday, I got to see the ugly footage of Michael Conforto dislocating his shoulder during his likely final plate appearance of 2017. And surprise, surprise… the Mets can still deliver that sucker punch even when you thought it couldn’t get worse.

My heart goes out to Conforto, who was on his way to becoming the Mets’ best player and one of baseball’s stars this year with an amazing season. Hopefully the Mets’ leadership will handle his injury properly and Conforto will be able to pick up where he left off next year.

Conforto, and more recently rookies Amed Rosario and Dominic Smith, were the reasons I was still watching Mets baseball this year.

Let’s hope Rosario and Smith can both make it to October 1st.

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Star Wars Autograph Signings

The deadlines are coming up for a pair of Star Wars autograph signings.

Elite Signatures has a private signing with Empire Strikes Back art director Alan Tomkins that closes on September 2nd. Autographs are a reasonable £10 (approximately $13.)

Echo Base Media is doing a signing with Clone Wars voice actor Anna Graves, whose main role was Duchess Satine Kryze.  Order cutoff is September 14th and you can get a signed 8×10 for $34.99.

I’m trying to decide if I can afford to participate in either. New York Comic Con is fast approaching and there are still “real life” expenses, planned and unplanned. (We just replaced our washing machine this week.) I hope I can at least manage to get a photo signed by Tomkins.

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Six weeks to New York Comic Con

Alesandra TorresaniWe’re about six weeks away from New York Comic Con, which bills itself as the biggest pop culture gathering on the east coast. I find it hard to argue – I used to go every year, but as the show grew I found myself less willing to put up with the crowds. My last show was in 2011, when I took this photo with Caprica star Alessandra Torresani, who was there to promote Jane Espenson‘s web series Husbands.

Until this year. I kinda miss the fun of conventions – seeing all of the cosplayers, getting to talk to other people who are fans of whatever you’re a fan of  (no matter how niche it might be) and getting new autographs from people who make your favorite shows/movies/games/comics.

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PSFix_20170821_144954Millions of people across the United States watched today’s total solar eclipse. In New Jersey, we only reached around 70 percent totality…. day did not turn into night, it just seemed like it was a little bit cloudy.

If you went nuts hunting for special solar eclipse glasses or paid a fortune for them when you found them, you might have felt a bit disappointed. I don’t know. I re-purposed a used Priority Mail box that was waiting to be recycled to make a pinhole projector and for a few moments I felt like I was 10 again.

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At the White Plains National

This weekend, JP Sports and Rock Solid Promotions held their White Plains National sports card show, featuring a selection of autograph guests that included former MLB and NFL stars as well as a few pro wrestlers and actors. There was really someone for just about everyone.

I was talking to my friend Bart on Friday and he mentioned that he was looking forward to the autograph show. Now I hardly ever get to see Bart or do things with him these days, so when he asked if I wanted to go with him, i was quick to agree since it lined up with a rare Saturday day off.

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Looking ahead to an All-Star Summer

I just remembered to flip my calendar to August today – can you believe how fast the year is flying by?

The Trenton Thunder are already looking ahead to 2018, when they will host the Eastern League All-Star Game. The event is split into two days of festivities: a home run derby on Tuesday, July 10th and the All-Star Game itself on Wednesday, July 11th.

The Binghamton Rumble Ponies (New York Mets) will make two trips to Trenton in 2018, June 8-10 and June 19-21, which are the only other dates I’m going to bother making note of now… you can get more information via the Thunder website.

The Atlantic League All-Star Game will be in the tri-state area next summer again as well, hosted by the Long Island Ducks. No date has yet been announced.

Assuming the dates don’t conflict (and they probably will), I’d love to go to both. Here’s hoping I can at least get to see one.