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“The Mets were a franchise-worst 0-for-19 with runners in scoring position, continuously failing in extra innings. They’re just the third team since 1974 to go hitless in at least 19 bats with runners in scoring position.”

— “Mets and Marlins make history” by Matt Ehalt / ESPN New York



NY Mets enthusiast, toy collector, amateur gardener, Christian. I like to take pictures & write things.

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  1. The worst part about this particular Mets team, and I’ve been watching them since 1975, is that they are just boring as hell. Right now, I’d rather mow the lawn than watch them play baseball. Time for a major shakeup, top (and I mean the very top), to bottom.


    1. Well, we’ve got our roster shakeup today… but unless Sandy Alderson has some kind of surprise in store for us in the next 36 hours, I don’t think it’s going to impress many Mets fans.


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