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Who are you rooting for in the Wildcard round?

question_marksFor fans of 20 teams (including both the New York ones), baseball season ended on Sunday. We need to find a rooting interest if we’re going to follow the playoffs instead of getting wrapped up in football or preseason hockey.

Tuesday, Sept. 30: American League Wildcard Game – Oakland Athletics vs. Kansas City Royals 

I’m ok with whichever team comes out of the American League Wildcard Game because I don’t have strong feelings about either the Athletics or Royals. I enjoyed watching the Bash Brothers and “Bo Knows Baseball” a couple of decades ago, but don’t think I could name the starting nine for either team now. Checking the rosters, the Royals have “you probably forgot he was a Met” Jason Vargas. The Athletics have “you probably forgot he was never really a Met” Scott Kazmir. Neither should factor into tonight’s game.

Wednesday, Oct. 1: National League Wildcard Game – San Francisco Giants vs. Pittsburgh Pirates

The National League game is a tougher call for me. I like Pablo Sandoval (when he’s not up against David Wright in the All-Star voting), Tim Lincecum and the injured Angel Pagan. But Buster Posey makes me crazy, given that no one seems able to decide whether he’s too valuable to play catcher or valuable because he is a catcher. I think I’ll be pulling for Pittsburgh, because let’s face it – it would be really funny if Ike Davis got to the World Series after being dumped by the New York Mets.

Assuming that your team didn’t make it, who are you rooting for in the playoffs this year?



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2 thoughts on “Who are you rooting for in the Wildcard round?

  1. As an Orioles fan by marriage, I’m naturally rooting for the O’s all the way. In the NL, I’ll go one step further and rank the teams in order of how much I’d like for them to succeed: Pirates, Giants, Cardinals, Nationals, Dodgers… although if you catch me at the right time, I might flip-flop on the Cards & Nats.


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